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Qi Gong

(Traduction suivra sous peu)

Qi Gong is a treasure that belongs to all the people in the world.’
(Wei Ling Yi)

In all the ancient high cultures the lotus was seen as a powerful symbol of purity as well as a link to the cosmos. Translated Qi (life energy) Gong (work) means ‘to work with the energy of life’.

‘Lian Hua Da Fa’, the Great Lotus System, is a Qi Gong theory developed by Grand Master Wei Ling Yi. Although based on inherited Chinese traditions it meets the requirements and challenges of modern life.

Through regular practice illnesses can be prevented and the powers for self-regeneration of the body are activated. The exercises enable the strengthening of one’s own energy resulting in the improvement of health, heightening the spiritual and psychological ability to cope with stress and strain. One’s own higher potential is developed through growth in peace and harmony.

Basic Exercises
Lotus Dew Drop Standing
Cleanses, releases bad Qi and builds up Body, Soul and Spirit. One stands firmly between heaven and earth.
Walking on the Lotus
Regulates Yin and Yang in the body, enhances oxygen intake, and activates ‘fending-off’ powers and releases spent Qi.
Mantras and Mudras ‘Heavenly Songs’
Protection and help to fend off negative information.
Receiving Position ‘Jie Gong Tai’
Receiving of pure cosmic Yi Qi, enabling the building up of own energy and self potential.
Fragrance Qi Gong ‘Xiang Qi Fa’
By opening heart and lungs heavenly fragrances are received which have a regulatory effect on Body and Soul.
Rice Bag Qi Gong ‘Mi Dai Gong’
A cotton bag filled with rice and Chinese medicinal herbs is used to, in swinging movements; ‘tap off’ the entire body. This self-massage brings the body into vibration; acupuncture points and meridians open up and old, stored Qi is loosened and released. Through the absorption of cosmic Qi the body can be healed.

Lotus Dance
All of life is movement and a dance takes place in every cell.
The Lotus Dance movements make the whole body supple: sinews and muscles are being gently stretched. The energy circuits open up, the inner Qi, blood circulation as well as the Yin and Yang meridians and the inner organs are being activated and regulated.

The dancer experiences the harmony of heaven and earth, which results in a great absorption of Qi. Body, Soul and Spirit are in harmony and the spiritual potential opens up.

Qi Gong Workshops in Sinai
The Sinai is known for its places of particular beauty and quiet as well as ‘high energy power spots’. Intensive Qi Gong courses in these special places can be arranged upon request.

Courses offered in Dahab
Lotus Qi Gong is suitable for ‘healthy’ as well as ‘ill’ people, irrespective of age. No previous experience is necessary.
Please contact Ursula for time and place of exercises.
Exclusive courses for groups or individuals are available on request.
Participation is at your own responsibility.

Course Leadership
Courses are presented by Ursula Rohde, a qualified Art Therapist. She met Grand Master Wei Ling Yi in 1998. Since then she is practicing Lotus Qi Gong and is authorized to pass on these exercises. She regularly partakes in courses to further her Qi Gong education.

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