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  Leila's Bakery


North of Coral Coast Hotel, excellent Italian pizza, home-made pasta and amaaaaaazing deserts... !
... and 100% italian management


Leila’s Bakery

The original German bakery with many delicacies and fantastic party cakes


Ralph's Bakery

German bakeries managed by our Bavarian Baker Ralph: original German dark bread, rolls and pastries, also serving great breakfast. Dont miss the delicious brownies and cheese-cake.

Bedouin Lodge Restaurant

Bedouin Lodge

Located in Mashraba, along the sea-side. Good food, big portions, nice atmosphere, good value for money.

Eel Garden View

Next to the Eel Garden diving spot, a friendly & cosy restaurant, with good European and Egyptian dishes.
With nice private beach!

Art Cafe Amanda

The 1st healthy food restaurant in Dahab,located in the Amanda Hotel,
Just taste homemade smoking fish, chocolate fondue, Indian lassi, traditional Russian draniki, vareniki and kartoplyaniki.
And enjoy beautiful sea view!
Healthy can be tasty – just taste it!




Koshari man

Try this typical Egyptian dish made out of pasta, lentils, rice and onions. Cheap & Tasty & hot.



Great fish restaurant reasonably priced. You pick your fish, they prepare it for you! Located in Mashraba pedestrian street.



























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