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Les Bougainvillees Garden
Villas LES BOUGAINVILLEES (4-5 persons)

From 55 EUR per night irrespective of the number of persons
or 415 EUR per week, incl. Wifi, cleaning, AC, bed linen, ...

Both villas of 70m2 each are located just about one minute from the famous "Lighthouse" diving site and beach of Masbat. Each villa has its own private garden, large roof terrace, 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, an open plan kitchen, all with A/C. Free WiFi.


Villa Boheme
Atelier BOHEME (2-3 persons)

& Villa BOHEME (4-6 persons)

from 40 EUR / 67 EUR per night
or 220 EUR / 365 EUR per week, incl. WiFi, AC, ...

Located just 3 minutes from "Lighthouse", this house offers 2 options: the 70m2 Villa Boheme on the ground-floor, with 3 bedrooms, garden with small pool; and the oriental-style 1-bedroom Atelier Boheme on the upper floor with a sunny terrace. Free WiFi.


RED ROCK Apartments (4-6 persons)

From 80 EUR per night for up to 4 persons
or 600 EUR per week incl. cleaning, AC, bed linen, towels

The two luxury boutique apartments are located just a few meters from Assalah Beach. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, spacious living room, and have a shared pool and jacuzzi. All rooms have AC. The center of Masbat Bay is 5 minutes by taxi. Free WiFi.



ARABESQUE Garden (2-4 persons)
& ARABESQUE Villa (5-7 persons)

From 47 / 95 EUR per night
or 329 EUR / 665 EUR per week, incl. AC, bed linen, ...

These two beautifully decorated apartments are located in a quiet area close to "Lighthouse" and the beach of Masbat. The bedrooms have A/C, living rooms with open kitchen. The center of Masbat Bay is 3-4 minutes walk. Free WiFi.


Lagoona Villa Apartments

LAGOONA Apartments (2-4 persons)

From 40 EUR per night
or 300 EUR per week, incl. cleaning, AC, bed linen, towels

The 2 luxury Lagoona apartments are located in the quiet district of "Medina", 3 minutes from the Lagoon, where you can find all the windsurf & kite centers. One apartment has 1 bedroom, the other 2 bedrooms, secluded garden, AC. Free WiFi.


Sunset Apartment

SUNSET Apartment (2-3 persons)

From 32 EUR per night
or 244 EUR per week incl. cleaning, AC, bed linen, towels

The Sunset apartment is located right behind El Fanar Street, just 3 minutes from the "Lighthouse" diving site. It 45m2, has 2 bedrooms (one with A/C) and a sunny terrace. Free WiFi.


Sunset Apartment


we also offer a nice selection of HOTELS:
with sea-view, dive-centers, ...





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